Saturday, January 19, 2013

Vision Assessment: I am a Trained Seal!

The dorsal stream (green) and ventral stream (...
The dorsal stream (green) and ventral stream (purple) are shown. They originate from primary visual cortex. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Took a battery test of visual memory, form perception and right left perception.  I worked my little heart out and then some.

 Preliminary results are that I passed the tests. 

No surprise. 

Ask me to do tricks and throw me a fish and I am happy!  I can do the neurological equivalents of balancing a ball on my nose, wave at people, jump in the air and twist!

Observation:  I am analyzing and probably compensating to get those results.

No surprise.

I did the visiograph and found that I still have significant eye tracking problems.  Rats!  I thought I was over that one.  Oh well.

Next week.  I will talk to the doctor and see what the plan is going to be.

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