Saturday, March 2, 2013

Back to blogging!

February was quite an eventful month so I didn't have much time to blog.

So what was I up to?

I started going great guns on knitting and jewelry making.  I am making a pretty cool multicolored shrug with variegated yarn.  Also, whipped up a couple of bracelets with beading. 

Ceramics has been rolling along.  I have been handbuilding a number of vases.  One rather funky vase with a tree and African masks.  A couple of off kilter trays and casserole dishes. One off center pot which I glazed with a cool glaze of eggplant over a shiny black.  One truly centered cup glazed in an oatmeal glaze.  So some success amid a number of trial efforts.

Chinese painting is a bit of a wash.  A lot of effort for not much results.

Been going to music therapy.  My therapist and I have been starting to get more in sync with each other. 

Also, my sense of depth perception has been improving.  I am wondering if it is a delayed effect from previous vision therapy or somehow the effect of some bilateral exercise from knitting and using more of my spatial sense of vision during my artistic endeavors, or what.

I noticed this before starting on yet another round of vision therapy.   Am having a real sense of moving through space.  Will update you on that in another post.

Also, hubby has had surgery and a number of complications from it that has kept me on the run since the middle of February.  In the next week or two, we should be through the post surgical appointments and I should have my life back.

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