Friday, April 12, 2013

Auditory Processing Disorder and TBI

A100319_MAMC_TBI 1
A100319_MAMC_TBI 1 (Photo credit: Joint Base Lewis McChord)
I have been doing some thinking about my hearing problems and I am wondering if I
am missing a key portion of my hearing due to some deficiency that belongs in the 
Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) world rather than the Developmental Deficit world.

Ah yes. Labels.  A common refrain in the disability community is that we are more
just labels.  And that is so true.  In defense of labels, grouping all the symptoms 
together in a category gives a practitioner some guidance as to the therapies that
will probably be the most helpful.  On the other hand, patients aren't so neat.

So, I am going to ask my audiologist to look at my hearing problems in another context
other than the developmental one.  Since I have one documented deficit in vision,
visual midline shift, that belongs in the traumatic brain injury or medical disease 
(multiple sclerosis, e.g.) category, maybe there is something in those categories that
pertains to auditory processing disorder

This isn't to reorient the focus of my problems in the developmental arena to a new focus.
I talked to my optometrist and he is still thinking that the gist of my problems are
developmental with just this one outlier in another field.  However, in order for me to 
get true depth perception, we have to get my visual midline realigned. 

Also, in the course of therapy for visual midline shift, we have noticed that I haven't
done all the physical therapy for bilateral functions.  So, we are planning to do 
more work there.  I am wondering if this work is going to have any impact on my 
auditory processing. 

Here is a nice presentation on auditory processing and TBI
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