Monday, April 29, 2013

More on music therapy

I have been playing along in music therapy on some different instruments. I have not always been sure about the point but somehow I think it has been helping.

It is a very non directive therapy. The therapist and I play together and we see where we are going. One problem is that I am not very fluent in music and am definitely non good at improvising on the fly. (remember my problems with adaptative processing?). Bilateral skills are also challenging.

So, I stay away from the piano. I Am a beginner at it. And we never get anywhere as I can't organize my hands fast enough. So we stick xylophone, drums, and some very pretty textural instruments like rain sticks, etc.

Lately, we have taken up some of my bilateral exercises such as slap and tap and are doing them to music. This is going nicely. There is something about rhythmically moving to music and humming that helps the process.