Thursday, April 25, 2013


Went and had an evaluation over at Princeton Biofeedback Center for some neurofeedback. After getting myself really scrambled up and losing track of time and space, my Gentle Readers may wonder why I am trying this stuff again, albeit with a different provider. However, somehow, I do think this is the right thing to do and I would like to try to do this with a different provider.

I think these folks are the right ones for me. Instead of looking at my neurology reports, they looked at my symptoms. In particular, they were interested in physical and psychological problems. I am wondering if I have a very low level but constant agitated depression/anxiety/ADHD cluster. Rather than pointing out a single diagnosis at this point, I am wondering if somehow this whole clump of inattentiveness and irritability is somehow related. Maybe my problems are a big stress response sort of thing.

My first session went pretty well. It was much different from the other provider. The other folks used a bipolar protocol with electrodes at c5 and C3 on my head as well as an electrode on my ear. I watched a game of PacMan (chomper). This time, my therapist put a band around my head and inserted some electrodes around my head. I closed my eyes and was told that when I was in sync with my alpha waves, the light woud start flashing and a buzzer would start beeping. I listened to a CD on visualizing space within my body.

I felt remarkably calm after it was over. My binocular vision improved. Went home and felt very calm but a bit tired. Some mild tinnitus. I had this sense that one of my fears about returning to work in this very lousy economy had dissipated. I just got this very deep sense that it would all work out. Maybe everyone who is unemployed these days should get neurofeedback as part of their unemployment benefits!