Friday, April 19, 2013

Rubin museum brainwave talk

Went to the Rubin as part of their brainwave series. This year, they are focussing on illusion. Next year at the Rubin Museum will be a series on Tibetan Medicine. I've been getting very interested at the intersection of Tibetan meditation, medicine, and neuroscience. More on that later.

As part of brainwave exhibit, Lior Lev Sercarz looks at your past and present through spices.

Donald Wilson is a neuroscientist who looks at memory, learning and smell.

Sercarz notes that you can't turn off smell . Wilson replies that this is part of autonomic system. Two things you can do to enhance smell: 1. Is to inhale. Sniff. The turbulence and flow of air influences how the molecules of smell reach your nose, 2. Humans are better at than any other animal with retro nasal smell associated with flavor and taste.

Wilson says that sense of smell is very fast because olfactory brain has a much shorter pathway. Smell in lizard is very similar to that of humans. We have added on speech pathways. 300 ms to figure out what it is. ms to decide whether to eat

Interesting talk. Got to sample spices. Maybe I will have Sercarz make a bespoke spice mix for me. Anybody got any good ideas? I wonder I'd he has anything for memory, cognitive processing speed, and smell