Thursday, April 18, 2013

Update on Hubby's Therapy

Hubby has been doing some Tomatis and Interactive Metronome therapy with the peeps over at A Total Approach. He has been moving much faster through the therapies than I had which does make me a bit jealous. Also, he hasn't been getting as wiped out by them as I did.

His therapy is a bit different. Hubby gets a massage and then He has to do some physical exercises to strengthen his core muscles. Poor hubby, he really doesn't have much in terms of core muscles. Unlike the rest of the male half of the human race, Hubby has a very thin muscle wall around his abdomen. So, no matter how hard he tries, Hubby will never have six pack abs.

He, then spends his time with the Interactive Metronome. So far, hubby doesn't have much to report except he is starting to get a little tired from IM.

Hubby has seen anything notable happening this week. Be we are expecting an improvement in coordination in the weeks to come.