Saturday, April 20, 2013

Update on Vision Therapy: We are cracking the code

I think we are starting to nail it and I am on track to getting my Stereo Sue moment where I have true depth perception. As my Gentle Readers recall, I do have good binocular vision with 20 degrees of stereopsis. However, I do have a Visual Midline Shift.

So, we have been doing work with yoked prisms. First, vertical and, now horizontal.

Also, we have been doing a lot of multisensory work with walking heel and toe while reading down and across a column of letters.

Other drills include vision HTS on a big touch screen where I working my peripheral vision as I touch letters of the alphabet or chase after moving red, white and blue dots.

We are also putting a piece of paper at my sternum and I am tracking a ball in space. This forces me to use my left eye more which had got shut down.

Lot of work on balance board.

Net effect. I can see a much bigger area. When I drive, I am aware of what is going on on the other side of a muti lane highway. My panoramas and vistas are much broader. For example, I can take in many of the buildings of Philadelphia airport along with the runways and the planes sitting on them. When I drive north from Delaware, I can see the full complex of the Boeing defense plant. As I approach Philadelphia, I see the vast industrial works of South Philadelphia--its refinery storage, warehouses, and then the skyscrapers that make up the background.

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