Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Vision Therapy, Slap and Tap

Vision therapy Is going on with a new focus. In addition to the work we have been doing on the visual midline shift, my therapist and I figured out that I haven't done all the preparatory exercises that she thought my other vision therapists would have done. Perils of moving on to new therapists, I guess.

I don't have as good a grounding with bilateral exercises as she had thought. So I got a bunch of exercises to work on such as Slap and Tap where I slap different sides of my body or tap my left and right to the beat of a metronome. Or I look at arrows pointed in different directions and point accordingly. The. There is the circles and triangles on different sides of a line. I have a "circle" hand and a "triangle" hand and I move them across my midline accordingly.

We are also using the prisms more. I have a base in 30 for my left eye and a base in 8 for my right eye. Odd combination. But remember I have a visual midline shift. I am on a balance board and am gripping it with my toes mightily as the prisms are changed.

We are doing a lot of multisensory work. So it's a lot of calling out and walking around with prisms as well.

I am definitely getting there though. Much better sense of space.