Friday, May 17, 2013

CogMed and Memory Training

English: Baddeley's model of working memory in...
English: Baddeley's model of working memory in English (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
My memory needs work!

Just started doing Cogmed, a brain training program that targets working memory.  Working memory is  a system for both temporary storage and manipulation of information.  I am pretty forgetful at times but I had put off worrying about it until I got a certain amount of my sensory problems sorted out.  I figured my brain was having enough to do  just processing my distorted senses without worrying about storage.

However, I have actually been working on working memory at times while doing my vision and auditory therapy as they have all had memory exercises targeted towards memory included as part of the therapy.  So, I have done some work on this already.  But, now is the time to look at working memory itself.

Cogmed is pretty intense:  5 days a week for 5 weeks.  Oif.  And it is tiring.  I play a series of games on the computer.

I do well on the Assembly test where you listen to a sequence of letters, and then choose the correct letter out of a short list of leters.  I am scoring about a 4-5 on most of the other tests except those involving moving parts.  Those I do terribly on.

Cogmed has recently become a bit controversial.  There are a number of articles attacking brain fitness games  and, in particular, Cogmed.  I am going to attach some of the criticism below and let greater minds than mine figure this out.

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