Friday, May 24, 2013

Cogmed: Day 10

English: Baddeley's model of working memory in...
English: Baddeley's model of working memory in English (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Just finished day 10 of Cogmed and am a bit disappointed.

I have been doing a series of exercises that target various aspects of working and short term memory.  Some of the exercises that rely on auditory memory, I am doing reasonably well with.  Assembly, which has you listen to letters and then click on them in order was a no brainer.  Did really well with it and after 3 trials at level 8, Cogmed stopped that exercise.

Memory exercises like remembering numbers and then clicking them on in reverse order have been more challenging but have been making some progress.  So that's nice.

But exercises that work on visual spatial system have been a bear.  I have been getting some small hard won progress on some exercises that simply have you remember things in sequence. But I have been getting nowhere on exercises that show items and then change orientation by 90 degrees or have you track rotating items.

Had my almost midterm assessment.  I didn't sleep well last night so maybe that has something to do with it.  Or maybe not.  Good news is that my ability to follow instructions has gone up to a low average.  Bad news is getting nowhere on working memory.  Doing simple math is OK, I am only missing two items on the test.  Don't know if that is significant or not.

Just wish I was doing better on visual spatial.  One thing I am noticing is that I am doing better with items that are near each other than with figuring out where items are that are across the grid.  I am wondering how much of this is due to my visual midline shift problems or eye tracking problems.  With visual midline shifts you don't know where things are in relationship to your body.  With eye tracking, your eyes are bouncing around a bit when trying to focus on things.

Or, am I just stuck.  I've done as much as I can do and that's that.

So, this is the question that has bedeviled me since the beginning of the Journey Through The Cortex.  How much is a sensory issue and how much are global issues?
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