Friday, May 17, 2013

Executive Function Skills

Really Good presentation on Executive Function Skills.  Incorporates people skills along with executive function.

STOP:  Space, Time, Objects, People.  

Space:  Read the Room.  What's Going On?

Time:  Be on the TimeLine, Have a sense of Pace and Time Passing
            What is coming Up?

Object:  Read the Object

People:  Read People, Face, Body, Appearance, Mood, Pace, Saying

Then Discusses the STOP Paradigm in terms of 3 Levels of Executive Functioning:  

  • Self Regulation
  • Organization and Integration of Information 
  • Higher Order Reasoning Skills 
For Self Regulation:

Picture the Space You are in or are Going to be In 

  • What does the outcome look like?
  • What plan will you need to make it look like this?

T: Account for Time
  • When will this happen or does it need to be completed by •What are the time expectations
  • How much time is involved
  • Will the pace of time feel fast or slow
  • Sequence
  • The information, The materials , The plan
O: Determine what objects are necessary to complete the task

  • Find materials
  • Purchase materials
  • Make do with what you have
P: What people do you need or can you expect to interact with? 

Also, think about capacity for Attention.§iondetailid=5936

I really like the presentation because it gives me a framework to look at some of my higher order deficits:

  • Space:  It can be hard for me to read the room when my eyes aren't focusing and I don't have depth perception, yet.  These skills are getting better day by day but they aren't there yet.
  • Time:  Still a bit of a problem making and being on the time line.  Getting better at being on time but still not there yet.  I think getting my sleep sorted out is helping as my body just doesn't get as tired out and can maintain the pace.
  • Object:  Read the Object.  Ditto on vision skills.  Also, occular motor integration is getting important.  So I can manipulate the object.
  • People.  Ditto on Vision skills.  Need to work on Auditory.  Also audio visual integration is really important here. 

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