Saturday, May 25, 2013

Small Breakthrough with Music Therapy

The modern keyboard is based on the intervalli...
The modern keyboard is based on the intervallic patterns of the diatonic scale. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The other day, my music therapist asked me to sit down at the piano and play with her.  I am very much a beginner piano player so I have always been very hesitant.  When I have played the piano in the past, I always stuck to playing with one hand because it has been to much for me to think about improvising and coordinate both hands.  A lot of times my playing has tended to be a bit rote and mechanical as well.

But this time, I said that I was going to be a bit adventuresome and I sat down and played with two hands using the pentatonic scale (just the black keys).  I was also a lot more expressive and fluid.

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