Saturday, June 1, 2013

Misaligned Teeth, Bad Posture and Eye Problems

Human eye. Español: Iris de un ojo humano. El ...
Human eye. Español: Iris de un ojo humano. El ojo recibe los rayos de luz que provienen del exterior y los transforma en impulsos nerviosos en la retina, formada por las células de la visión conocidas como conos y bastones. فارسی: چشم انسان Français : Œil humain Italiano: Occhio umano. ქართული: ადამიანის თვალი Русский: Глаз человека Türkçe: İnsan Gözu 中文: 人眼 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Someone has finally put together an article on how your head and body alignment affect posture. Apparently poorly aligned teeth (overbite, cross bite, etc) affect the alignment of the head because of the misalignment of the mandible, one of the links in the muscular chain, leading to hyper-contraction of the masticatory muscles . This tension forces the rest of the body to react, imposing postural modifications brought about by the contraction of other muscles in the chain.  Misalignment of the mandible can also cause the position of the pupillary line to be momentarily altered, provoking the intervention of ocular muscles to keep the gaze straight.

Apparently, the alignment of your feet, hips, shoulders are important,too.

The study shows that there is correlation between a deep bite or over bite, dysmetric legs or gait, and exophoria or esophoria (eyes pointing outwards or inwards).
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