Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Becoming a Psychonaut in Open Focus

One second of EEG signal
One second of EEG signal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
As Cosmonauts navigate the cosmos, so do Psychonauts navigate the psyche.

I have been doing Neurofeedback using Fehmi's Open Focus protocol for the past month.  It has really helped a lot. I go for a session and meditate to the CD of the week and then go home and meditate twice a day on the CD.

The CDs are interesting.  We first had an introduction to Open Focus.  Open Focus is a method taught  "to reduce stress related symptoms and enhance well-being, using principles developed in the field of electroencephagraphic (EEG) biofeedback, now called neurofeedback".

The CD's cover the following topics:

Level I
  • Introduction to Open Focus
  • Introduction to Open Focus Practice
  • Head and Hands
  • Long Form
  • Short Form
  • General Practice
  • Dissolving Physical and Emotional Pain
Level II
  • Dissolving Pain and Other Experienc
  • Joint Space in Open Focus
  • Heart Centered Open Focus
  • Localizing Feeling, Emotion and Pain
  • How Am I Paying Attention?
  • Transfer of Open Focus to Daily Life
Level III
  • Feeling in Open Focus
  • Listening in Open Focus
  • Thinking in Open Focus
  • Seeing in Open Focus

You learn to focus on  your body in a relaxed but alert frame of mind.  It's a very interesting process.  You gain a lot of knowledge about what might be underlying emotional causes of distraction by calling up painful spots in your body. 
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