Thursday, September 19, 2013

ADHD: Nature, Course, Outcomes, and Comorbidity by Russell A. Barkley, Ph.D.

really good article about ADHD.  Goes through the History of the disease, epidemiology, aging with ADHD.
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Sunday, September 15, 2013

CAPD article by Musiek (CAPD Authority)

But in someone who suffers from CAPD, auditory processing can be delayed or scrambled. Especially when there’s background noise, the brain may try to process everything all at once and might never be able make sense of anything. “It’s hard to distinguish foreground from  background.

Learning vowels, for instance, is a challenge for any child but is particularly hard for kids with CAPD. “You have to be able to discriminate and identify vowels,” Musiek says. “If you can’t do that you are going to have problems in reading and in spelling.”

But kids with CAPD may not even be able to hear the difference between long and short vowels. “If you look at the frequency spectrum of vowels, they’re low frequency—ah, aah, ee,” says Musiek. “Guess what also is low frequency—the ambient noise in the classroom. The ambient noise in class- rooms across the United States averages 59 deci- bels. Most teachers saying vowels when they are teaching kids say them at about 60 decibels. Am- bient noise in the classroom masks a lot of the sub- tle acoustic characteristics of vowels.”
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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Lots Have Been Changing So I Haven't Been Blogging

Recap on what's up with me...

Something Old. 
Something New.
Something Borrowed.
Something Blue.

On the Something Old.
Been flogging away at Vision Therapy and I am finally getting the beginnings of SILO (small in Large Out).   Yea!  We have been using Vectograms and staring at them while I am sitting and on a balance board.  Using Magic 3D pictures to appreciate space.

I think doing some physical therapy that has concentrated on balance, posture and correcting my head position has helped a lot.

Also, Neurofeedback (more on that later) has been helping me to calm my parasympathetic nervous system and to put me in a state that is relaxed but not too relaxed/alert (or aroused) but not too alert.  I think part of my problem is, as Dr. Blackburn would put it, being overfocused.   Neurofeedback has helped me reset where I focus my eyes.  (more on Neurofeedback itself later).

My problem with SILO is that I am looking at objects going where's the 3D?  Like, where's the Beef?   (from the Old Wendy's commercial).  I'm a hard working gal so I stare and stare.  I am staring as hard as I can at an object wondering whether it's getting larger or smaller and when, oh when, is it going to be 3D.  When, in fact, that's the wrong thing to do.

The best thing to do is to relax.  Try and be a bit dreamy but not too dreamy.   A lesson from Neurofeedback:  Look at the space around the object.   Then SILO pops in.    I'm not quite there yet in the real world.  But we are getting there.

I am starting to see Philadelphia in a new light. Each Monday, I traipse down I95. I am becoming more and more aware of the neighborhoods and the streets within the neighborhoods.  I see Philadelphia as a vista of neighborhoods that lead up to the skyscrapers of Center City.

The Navy Yard is taking on a new life with lots of boats and buildings and warehouses and docks.

Philadelphia Airport is a huge complex of buildings, garages, hotels, and runway strips.  It's a very new and different world.

So, we shall see.  I just got new lenses and I am feeling better.  The prescription is much better for me as I've gotten both more near sighted and far sighted.  Also, we are changing the prism and decreasing it by 0.25. (I have a prism in my right eye to correct my vertical heterophoria -- eyes not aligned vertically).

My ranges are really good.... as in advanced .... as in sports.  I can get my eyes to converge and diverge with the best of them.  Off the charts in both zones.

I am going to be discharged from vision therapy soon.  I hope I can finish with SILO and get 3d vision.

Something New

There are two things that are new:

1.  Neurofeedback.  I am doing well in Neurofeedback.  I can just put out huge amounts of alpha waves. Usually I am sitting in a chair listening to music and a cd but last time, I was laying down in a bed with a subwoofer underneath listening to music.  It was kind of nice.

 The one thing I am noticing is that unlike the other therapies that I have been doing, neurofeedback (at least the way that the Fehmis do it) incorporates an emotional component as well.  So you get in touch with painful areas in your body and then you realize that some of these areas have emotional histories to them.  You release the pain in your body by allowing the right amount of focus to it and allowing it/your body to dissolve into the cosmos.

One pain that is hard for me to untangle is a pain in my forehead.  Sometimes, it relates to eye strain .  Given that my eyes are not aligned properly and my head and neck are out of alignment, it is just an eye problem.  Sometimes, it is allergies and hayfever.  And sometimes, it is emotional strain.

One thing that I have noticed is a feeling of emotional neglect.   The problem with emotional neglect is that it can also have effects on sensorimotor parts of the brain and cognitive processing.  I will be blogging more on this later.

2.  Physical Therapy

We have been working on balance, my neck issues relating to arthritis, some myofascial release for my head and neck and core strength.  I like PT.  The therapists here are good.  They are more traditional therapists than the folks at A Total Approach.

So my core is getting stronger.  My body is more aligned.  I am standing straighter.  When I leave the office, I am more relaxed and my vision is better.

I really think working on a multimodal approach with vision therapy, PT, and neurofeedback is the right thing for me.

Something Borrowed

Borrowed time.  All of this is borrowed time from me getting on with life.  More on that later.

Something Blue
Said goodbye to my Occupational Therapist.  Boo Hoo. Learned a lot from a very wise lady.
Saying goodbye to Therapeutic Riding.  More on that goodbye later.
Will be saying good bye to vision therapy and physical therapy.

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