Monday, October 7, 2013

Evil Child.... Just Can't Stay Gluten Free

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English: Boats in Annapolis, Maryland  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I am on a bad cycle these days.  We have been going down to Annapolis to work on my sailboat.  So I have not been eating at home.

Instead, I have been feasting on crab cakes sandwiches.... Yum. Yum. Yum.... I am ever on the search for the perfect crab cake.  Unfortunately, many of the restaurants in Annapolis are getting their crabs from somewhere else so they are not always as fresh as can be.   So the quest continues.

The best crab cakes have minimum binder.  So minimum bread crumbs or saltines -- big no, no for us gluten free folks.   The worst have more binder -- and I get punished.

Also, I would like to have crab cake sandwiches -- which means eating a roll.... more bread.

The net result of all this is that I am on a cycle.

A Delicious Crabcake at the Middleton Tavern
A Delicious Crabcake at the Middleton Tavern (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Sat and/or Sunday, I enjoy myself.

Sunday night, I repent with a roiled tummy.

Monday, Tues Wednesday... tummy is upset and I vow to not do this to myself.

Thursday, I feel good and make plans about being virtuous over the weekend.

Friday, I am good.

And then comes Sat/Sunday and I fall off the wagon.

I really should stop doing this to myself.   But I am sooo tempted.

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