Monday, October 14, 2013

Got Milk?

de: Struktur von Lactose en: Structure of Lactose
de: Struktur von Lactose en: Structure of Lactose (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I hope I might.  I'm lactose intolerant and have been avoiding milk.

Just saw something about a new lactose enzyme that dissolves the lactose in the stomach a few minutes after you eat it. The acid-resistant pellets, contained in the capsule, are released and will be transported to the small intestine within 15 minutes.

Apparently lactose intolerance is more common as you age.  I remember really liking milk when I was a kid and in my early 20s.  In fact, during one high stress situation at work, I excused myself and drank some milk to calm myself down. Wouldn't do that these days.

Since calcium helps ward off  osteoporosis, I would really like to drink milk.

It would also be nice to go back to eating cheese.  I do like cheese.  In fact, I tried making my own in the hope that I could tolerate it.  But no such luck.

Well, I will order myself some pills and we shall see.
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