Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Number Games

Addition, division, subtraction and multiplica...
Addition, division, subtraction and multiplication symbols (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Is that anything like Hunger Games?

Unfortunately, I did not do so well on the Math portion of the Cogmed assessment.  I had improved a bit in two areas of working memory but not on adding a few simple numbers.  I could only add three in my head.

So not so good.

However, did that stop me from minoring in math at an Ivy League School?  Nope.  I just soldiered on and got through calculus, differential equations, statistics, econometrics, and linear algebra.  With the exception of the semester of probability, I passed my classes.

However, I do leave balancing the checkbook to my husband  who is a mathematician.

At some point, I should address this problem, however.   I found an article on dyscalculia, problems with math on the web.  Dr Butterworth over at Institute of Education in London has come up with a series of games, Number Sense,

to help out. Unfortunately, the game has not been clinically tested, unlike the other computer based training, it has not been clinically tested so I don't know for sure if it really will work. Not saying it won't but unlike Brain Fitness, now Brain HQ, it has been poked at by lots of folks and blessed as being a good thing.

I am going to look around and see if there is anything else.

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