Thursday, May 29, 2014

Circling back

Have had two interesting observations.

Went to an optometrist who specializes in strabismus.  Unlike everyone else, he didn't  do fifty million tests.  Did the visagraph and also checked my binocular vision.   I have 30 degrees of stereopsis...fantastic binocular vision... But still not much depth perception,  so he did two more tests:  test of near point fixation and far point fixation which found that my the lines are shifted to the left; they are aligned horizontally, no problem.He wrote a new prescription that added a basein prism to the left eye and had an interesting comment that my problems may be processing information.

Went to neurofeedback. We have been doing alpha synchrony training with OpenFocus.  My alpha/theta ratio is 1.5 at the beginning of the session, towards the middle, it moves towards 1. 0, and occasionally alpha dips below 1.  So I have good concentration.  These waves are not characteristic of someone who has Adhd.... So my therapist feeling is that maybe I have a processing problem not a concentration or attention problem.

So where does this lead me?   Back to the learning disability world?  Hmmm.

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