Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Plodding through Brain HQ

Nederlands: Twee visuele banen in de area extr...
Nederlands: Twee visuele banen in de area extrastriata: de 'waar' route en de 'wat' route. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The dorsal stream (green) and ventral stream (...
The dorsal stream (green) and ventral stream (purple) are shown. They originate from primary visual cortex. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Plodding along Brain HQ.    Been doing the exercises every day.  I am doing well with Perceptual Exercises like Visual and Auditory Sweeps but not so good with Peripheral Vision exercises.  Struggling with Navigation and People Skills.   However, I do notice that I don't confuse left and right any more and don't get as lost as I used to.  Also, it is much easier for me to rotate objects in my brain.

Attention exercises are ones I do well after a bit of practice.  I do find that they help with focus.
Card Shark is a bit of a  challenge.  I am working on this daily.  Right now, I am trying to chunk the information in chunks  of 3 and saying them out loud.  Once you lose your place in this test, you are pretty much hosed.

Visual memory is really hard.  Scene Crasher is going to be a tough exercise but one that I will do later on.

That's why I haven't been posting much … just plodding away through my exercises.
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