Thursday, June 12, 2014

Getting my eyes lined up with my new glasses

Got my new glasses.  I get a lot more peripheral vision and a bit more of a sense of space but my eyes are hurting.  So I had the optician double check the lenses.  In fact had two opticians double check the lenses and they are OK.  So went and had another visit to the optometrist.

He thinks we have a bit of a dilemma. We can decrease the amount of prism and my eyes won't be aligned as much but I will be more comfortable.  Or we can leave them as is.  He is trying to pinpoint the exact nature of the problem...whether it has something to do with binocularity or something else.  I looks at a test for far fixation with a red and green cross.   I could make the cross but it was jiggling.
So he patched me for twenty minutes with each eye.  Each eye was relieved a bit and the pain diminished but not completely.  We thought it might be better to do a day test patching an eye starting in the morning as my eyes get quite tired with these new glasses and see what happens.

We might cut the prism and start with a lower power prism and I might go back to home exercises and work on aligning a bar on my TV set.

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