Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Vertical heterophoria -,TMD,neck tension - the cause of my Depersonalization

“I had suffered from constant DR and DP (derealization and depersonalization ) for almost 2 years. My mental state was so bad that I had lost all joy in life. I didn't have any feelings for my girlfriend anymore whom I loved so much that I would have
given my life for her, hobbies that usually made me happy suddenly became boring and I was generally feeling a terrible emptyness inside me. It felt like I was almost dead. Nothing seemed real anymore and waking up was the worst! Someone who has never experienced DR/DP can't believe how terrifying this mental state is. As I am writing this, I have goosebumps all over my body because I become so emotional about thinking back...

As many of you, I was afraid I would be trapped in this state forever. I was googling for remedies day after day and I tried everything possible when it comes to supplements, medications and cognitive strategies.
I have read very often that anxiety is the cause of DP. Anxiety definately makes the symptoms worse, but in my case I think that I became anxious after I felt detached from reality, not vice versa. That's what many people need to consider and that's why anti-anxiety medications often doesn't work to lower people's symptoms. My symptoms were so strong that I was constantly dizzy, had fainting spells due to panic attacks, shaky vision and facial pressure. I also felt   sick  , weak , depressed and had no motivation to do anything! Also, my tinnitus became louder and louder..”


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