About Me

 My wild ride through my tangled neurons... A Journey through neuroscience, cognition, art, music and life.  I found out that I had a learning disability in middle age and a plethora of vision, hearing, balance, and motor skill problems.  This is the story of my therapies and my reflections on the developments in Neuroscience, cognition, art, music and life.  There is a cognitive revolution afoot that will impact our lives as profoundly as the Internet revolution has.  Initially, I am trying to understand my therapies and the science behind it... however, as time goes on, I will be looking at the impacts of neuroscience and cognition on art and music and will be sharing more of the emotional and social impacts of therapies.   Stay tuned!

For those who come here looking for a insight on my therapies and don't want to wade through other musings, I have made up a time line of the story.  However, if you want to look for specific posts on vision therapy, for example, use the search box on the home page, for now.  Later on, I will create some categories for quick linking.

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Time Line

October 2009
Initial Neuropsych, Occupational Therapy, Vision and Audiology Assessments. First Loop of Tomatis 

November 2009
Initial Meeting with the Nutritionist and Tomatis/Balametrics Occupational Therapy

December 2009
Third Loop of Tomatis and Beginning Vision Therapy.  I was a little optimistic on Farsighted being corrected.

January 2010
Gastrointestinal evaluations, Vision Therapy, Results from Vision Therapy, Balance Test, Vision Therapy, and Menopause
February 2010

My Vision Improves and My Tummy Starts Working.  Initial Thoughts on Correcting the Lack of Sense of Smell.
March 2010

Vision Therapy, Tinnitus, Executive Function, Getting an MRI, Using a GPS
April 2010
Vision Therapy, Drawing, Auditory Processing Disorder, Balance,  Another Gastrointestinal Evaluations

May 2010
Vision Therapy, Wheat and Gluten Allergies, Middle Aged Brain, Excecutive Dysfunction, Interactive Metronome, Music Skills